Our Approach

Our approach is simple: to deliver you, our guest, a clean, friendly, comfortable, modern environment where you can be proud to wash your clothes. We strive to provide you a level of service unlike you have ever received at other laundromats. This means having a cart ready for you to put your clothes on after you take them out of your car, being greeted and welcomed as you enter, helping you with your clothes as you enter or exit and an attendant always ready to help with any questions you may have. You could say this is pretty basic and we would agree, but in the world of laundromats it seems quite revolutionary. Best of all, you don't have to pay extra for a pleasant and welcoming experience.

Our Story

Wash it Proudly was born out of frustration with how laundromats treat their customers, as well as, the type of environment they provide them. An environment that sometimes raises the question of how can the clothes get clean when the facilities, machines, etc are dirty and rundown. Their thinking is that customers who use laundromats use them out of necessity, and as such, they have no option but to go regardless of how they are treated. Their thinking is that they don't need to invest any further in equipment and facilities because customers will still come.

Our belief is completely different. We believe you deserve better. In fact, you have earned better. We believe that laundry is enough of a chore to have to do it in an unwelcoming place. We believe you are our guest and we must earn your visit every single time. We believe you deserve to wash your clothes in an environment you can be proud to visit and bring your family to. An environment that is as clean as you want your clothes to be; where machines are wiped down after every use so that you can have a clean machine to put your laundry in.

You deserve better

Visit us today and experience what it means to Wash it Proudly. We are on the corner of Buckingham and Jupiter (next to Albertson's).