Your laundromat looks really nice, are you more expensive? How much does it cost to wash?

Our laundry is nice because you deserve a nice place to wash the clothes you work so hard to acquire. While we are a nice or even “fancy” laundromat compared to what you are used to, our prices are fair and in many cases lower than the competition. The cost per wash varies depending on the size of washer that you use. We have washers varying from 2 loads to 8 loads to cover all your washing needs.

How does the Wash, Dry and Fold bundle service work?

This is the easiest, most convenient, and straight forward service for you. You bring your clothes, we weigh it, we give you the cost based on total weight (with a minimum of 10 lbs), we give you a ticket, and you pick it up that same day or the next day folded and ready to be put away.